• Remove the small blue clamp on the ro membrane housing inlet tube
  • Push the collet
  • While holding the collet, pull the tube out
  • Open the membrane housing cap
  • Watch the direction
  • Insert the membrane inside the membrane housing
  • Put the membrane cap back
  • Tight using the membrane spanner
  • Place the tube inside the fitting and push inside
  • Place the clip back in place
  • Now the system a prepared for connection
  • Locate the cold water connection where you want to connect the system to
  • Remove the existing connection
  • Screw the system inlet connection
  • Reconnect the water connection to the system inlet connection
  • Insert the inlet valve
  • Insert the 1/4′ tube to the other side of the inlet valve
  • Remove the clamp and the plug from the inlet to the system
  • Use scissors or a cutter
  • Make sure the tube is square and free of sharp edges
  • Insert the tube to the inlet water side in to the system
  • Insert another tube to the product water (pure water)
  • The other side of this tube will be used to collect the ultra-pure water for your fish tank
  • Remove the pug in the drain line
  • Connect another tube length to the drain outlet connection on the system
  • Use this tube to collect the wastewater from the system
  • This water is high in salt, you can use for irrigation, washing machine or wash down. Other option, through to sewer
  • Now your filter is connected and ready
  • Open the water inlet valve
  • Flush the system for about an hour to remove preservation chemical from the system
  • Check the tds with your tds pin
  • Use the water for your fish tank once the tds or conductivity is below 10.

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